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The Cadexair Solution for Charcoal Cooking

Skewer cooking on a charcoal grill

You are a restaurateur, and your specialty is cooking on charcoal. The regulation in the city is becoming stricter, or you are receiving complaints about the odours and the smoke coming out of your kitchen ventilation system.

Cadexair has the solution for you.

The Problem with Cooking on Charcoal

There is a particular taste to foods cooked on charcoal which people love. However, some municipalities are tightening their legislation concerning cooking on charcoal.

The cooking odour and the smoke are a nuisance, and there are some concerns about the air quality and public health due to the particles emitted from cooking on charcoal.

Also, the embers caused by this type of cooking can lead to a real danger of fire. This is because commercial hood systems often have grease accumulation in their ducts. An ember that comes in contact with this grease can quickly escalate into a fire.

As a restaurateur, you are mindful of the health and security of your employees and clients and the people living in the neighbourhood. You also want to conform to the regulations of your municipality.

Here is a case study that will shed some light on the solutions available to you.

Case Study: Ma Poule Mouillée in Montreal

Following a fire at the Portuguese restaurant Ma Poule Mouillée in Montreal, Cadexair was called upon to provide an effective solution for a commercial kitchen hood.

To reduce the risk of fire, the range hood is equipped with a tailor-made fire protection system, depending on the cooking equipment under the hoods. This mechanism protects the grill, the hood, the degreasing section, and the exhaust ducts.

Additionally, a curtain of cold water has been installed inside the Geo-Vary high-efficiency filters to prevent embers from entering the ducts and coming into contact with grease particles. Adding a water curtain is the perfect solution to considerably reduce the risk of fire. This option stops 100% of embers from solid fuel cooking appliances.

A triple action biotechnological self-cleaning system was also installed. This system minimizes the accumulation of grease in the degreaser section to reduce blockages of drains and pipes.

To eliminate smoke problems, Cadexair has installed its certified kitchen air cleaning system with electrostatic cell-shaped technology.

This system allows for air purification of the evacuated air of more than 98% of the particles of 3 µm (microns) and more, and 86% of particles between 0.3 and 1 µm, conforming with the standard 52.2 ANSI/ASHRAE.

The filters installed in the system are cleanable and reusable, providing an alternative to older environmentally friendly or antipollution units with disposable filters.

This ventilation system for a commercial kitchen offers a solution that conforms to current standards is robust, efficient, safe, easy to maintain, and meets the highest air quality standards.

The Cadexair solution pleases the owner of Ma Poule Mouillée, the environmental services of Montreal, the firefighters, the insurance company, and the entire neighbourhood. 

The Cadexair Electrostatic Filtration of Cooking Vapors  

The Cadexair filtration system based on electrostatic technology offers the highest particle capturing efficiency on the market.

How does the system work? First, the perforated prefilter eliminates the big particles and droplets of grease. It also helps to distribute the air uniformly through the filter cells.

When the air goes through the combined cell ionizer/collector, the grease particles in the air are negatively charged. Grounded sensors then attract these particles.

The grease particles are then separated from the airflow and adhere to the walls of the cylinders located in the honeycomb-structure filter unit. These filter cells are formed of honeycomb-structure cylindrical collectors and have ionizing needles inside.

The electrostatic filter is made entirely of stainless steel. It is robust and washable. The inside of the filter contains a structure in the shape of a honeycomb for better efficiency and durability. The filter design prevents dirt from accumulating on the insulator, and the border of the cylindrical cell is protected during cleaning by the convex shell at the bottom of the electric field.

As an option, you have the charcoal filter to eliminate odours. It must be installed downstream of the electrostatic unit. Charcoal granules of high-quality act as an absorbing material, and a perforated grill contains cylindrical honeycomb-cell compartments, which serve as support filters and allow for a high absorption capacity.

The addition of a dedicated fire protection system to the advanced filtration unit is an additional protection to significantly reduce the risk of fire. 

The Advantages of Electrostatic Filtration

An electrostatic filtration system has many advantages for restaurateurs.

It is an efficient system since it eliminates more than 98% of grease particles.

It is safe since there is no grease accumulation in the ducts and reduces their maintenance costs considerably. In addition, the water curtain option eliminates the risk of an ember getting in contact with grease.

And finally, it is environmentally friendly and economical since in addition to reducing the cleaning of the ducts, there are no disposable filters to replace. All the filters are washable and reusable. 

A Customized Product Specific to your Needs

At Cadexair, our expertise is constantly evolving to offer you a ventilation system for commercial kitchens that is efficient, safe, and adapted to your needs.

Regardless of the architecture of the building or the restrictions and regulations that are in place, we have a customized solution for you.

By trusting Cadexair, you have peace of mind knowing that your employees and clients are safe in a healthy environment.