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General Brochure

  • Maintenance & Cleaning Division

  • CADEXAIR, the only ones to offer you more

The different series of CADEXAIR hoods

The different types of Ventilators

  • Bell-Type Fan

    Centrifugal Series with Top Discharge or Wall-Mounted

  • Utility Fan

    Configurable Centrifugal Utility Series

  • In-Line Fan

    In-Line Series

  • Dual-Motor Fan

    High-Performance Series

Advanced ecological filtration system

  • Electrostatic Kitchen Air Purification Technology

    High-Efficiency Series with Advanced Filtration Based on Electrostatic Technology

  • Combination Hood

    Stadium Series

  • Traditional Three-Stage Filtration System

    Air Purifier Series

Centralized food air system

  • Centralized Food Court System

    Cadexair Specialty

Geo-Vary modular degreaser filter

  • High-Efficiency Filter

    The Geo-Vary Modular Degreaser Filter

Control panels

  • Provides a control System with Endless Possibilities

    CC-200 Series

  • Economic Version that operated with a Programmable PLC

    CC-35 Series

  • Operated with Relays

    The CC-25 Series

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • High quality fire extinguisher

    SF-A System with Auxiliary Pressure

  • Economic fire extinguisher


  • Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

    SF/P System with Permanent Pressure

Make-up air

  • Commercial Make-Up Air Heater

    The Direct-Fired Series

  • Institutional Make-Up Air Heater

    Customizable Direct-Fired Series

  • Electric Make-Up Air Heater

    Customizable Electric Series

  • Indirect-Fired Make-Up Air Heater

    The Customizable Indirect-Fired HDG(H)

Utility distribution systems

  • Customized Mechanical Wall

    Utility Distribution System (UDS)

Acess door for welded ducts

  • UL Access Doors

    Simple, efficient and economical

D-Technology variable flow system

  • D-Tech Intelligent Variable Flow Hood System

    Predicts Cooking Activity and Adjusts the Exhaust Rate

Biotech self-cleaning system

  • Biotech Self-Cleaning Hood System

    The BIO hood Series

Fan hinges

  • Universal hinge

    Installs on all types of exhaust fans

  • Heavy-Duty Hinge

    Extends the life of exhaust fans

Grease trap for fan

  • Grease Trap for Fan

    Grease trap