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CRS Series

Compact Hood

 Construction and options

ULC approved hood entirely built in 18MSG stainless steel. The installation of the hood must meet the standards assigned to the ventilation of commercial kitchens.Integrated halogen lighting (2 x 50W).
High efficiency centrifugal degreaser.
Integrated automatic fire protection system for CRS-36 and CRS-48 models. Start-up is required on site by a certified technician.
Built-in 120V fan.
Option of side walls and rear wall insulated with fireproof ceramic wool.
Several control box options:
CC25V: Speed variation with dimmer.
CC25: Evacuation and compensation dry contact.
CC35 series: Box with automaton and possibility of custom sequence

 Control sequence

Typical designs

CRS Series

Profile view

Front view

Insulating panels for the release of combustible materials

Technical sheet


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We support our customers in the choice of their ventilation system for commercial kitchens. The monitoring of projects and our available resources allow us to offer you a quality service in accordance with NFPA96.