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Industry Leader

Since 1986

For Cadexair, innovation and customer relations are at the core of our company values and philosophy. Currently, we are the only manufacturers of commercial kitchen ventilation systems that also offer maintenance and inspection programs, as required by applicable standards and certifications.

At Cadexair, each and every one of us knows that our success is directly linked to the success of our customers. Listening to our customers and understanding their needs is fundamental to our development process.

Our highly qualified R&D department is constantly looking for ways to improve and design products that meet the challenges faced by kitchen designers, mechanical engineers and contractors.

Day after day, we continue to push back this industry’s boundaries to offer our customers a competitive edge, while remaining true to our values and meeting the requirements of each project.

Deux personnes qui analysent des plans sur un bureau

Discover Cadexair’s green solutions

At Cadexair, we are committed to respecting the environment. Our teams are aware of environmental issues and focused on finding solutions that meet environmental standards while reducing heating and electricity costs.

D tech

Cadexair’s patented D-Tech motion detector can anticipate demand and adjust ventilation at the right time.

This technology, integrated into our commercial kitchen hood systems, significantly reduces energy costs.

Biotechnology Solution

The cold-water washing system sprays the hood’s degreasers daily, using biotech products with microorganisms that degrade grease. By reducing grease build-up in the grease trays, our biotechnology solution also reduces maintenance costs and fire hazards.

Electrostatic Technology

With this cutting-edge technology, the air passes through an ionizer/collector cell. Grease particles and smoke are charged with electrons and trapped in the collector. The stainless-steel filters are fully reusable and static electricity capture is extremely energy-efficient. This technology not only reduces maintenance costs, but also the amount of waste generated during upkeep.

Air Technology Focused on

Research and Experience

Safety Monded

According to best practices

Compliant with standards

Our Team's Outlook

We are constantly working to optimize the products we offer our customers and their partners. Our technologies are focused on research and a safety minded experience, in compliance with standards and according to best practices.  »

At Cadexair, we aim to meet our customer’s highest expectations, by offering a groundbreaking level of efficiency. We have the ambition and expertise to take on major challenges. Today, our ventilation systems are installed throughout Quebec’s network of institutional and correctional facilities, as well as in airports, hospitals, casinos, shopping mall food courts, restaurant chains and hotel chains. Employee training and customer service are as important to us as the performance of our ventilation systems. »

Customer Testimonials

Thousands of kitchen professionals around the world have chosen Cadexair technology

We wish to underscore our total satisfaction in our professional dealings with Cadexair during the design and installation process of the kitchen exhaust ventilation systems at Le Centre food court in Carré St-Laurent.

Your recommendations and foresight on the possible problems associated with these large-scale projects, the coordination meetings between the various specialty trades involved and the quality of the documents provided allowed us to move forward very effectively.

We would like to highlight the quality of Cadexair’s customer service throughout the installation of the kitchen ventilation exhaust system at the Time Out Market in Montreal’s Eaton Centre […] Communication between our two companies was an invaluable asset in bringing this project to a successful conclusion.

Based on our past experience, the quality and performance of Cadexair products, not to mention their excellent customer service, we recommend using this brand.