Make the Most of Your Space

Discover our Stadium series hoods.

We know that optimizing your resources is essential, especially in terms of costs and space. Cadexair's Stadium series combination hood meets these challenges through a true design breakthrough: condensing a huge air filtration unit into a hood just 30 inches high.



The CRS series is a compact, one-piece, space-saving commercial hood with an integrated fan and fire protection system.


Discover Cadexair’s All-New Electrostatic Kitchen Air Purification Technology!

With their patented cylindrical honeycomb structure, Cadexair’s units reduce smoke and particles by more than 90%. Safe and reliable, they will help ensure your installation complies with air particle emission regulations.


Cadexair Offers You More

Two divisions at your disposal

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We apply our expertise to suit your needs!

  • Flow calculation
  • Workshop drawings
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Electromechanical coordination
  • Advanced support

We apply our expertise to suite your needs!

At Cadexair, we build our products to the highest quality and engineering standards. We also manufacture our hoods in accordance with UL and ULC standards.


Discover our different services

We offer maintenance programs adapted to different types of cooking, kitchen activities and applicable regulations.

The many reasons for choosing Cadexair:

  • Over 30 years of expertise
  • Several teams across the province
  • IKECA-certified and -trained
  • ContractorCheck-certified
  • 24/7 online customer access
  • Before-and-after cleaning photos available
  • Follow-up and recommendations


Air Technology Based on Research and Experience

We manufacture the largest and most complex kitchen ventilation systems in the country.
How do we stay at the forefront of the industry? By never losing sight of our customers’ realities and leveraging our experience in the field to enhance our expertise. We’re constantly looking to improve our products and adapt our services based on feedback from our teams and customers.
The key is to keep learning from both our products and those of our competitors so that we can continue offering new solutions adapted to various issues.

Cadexair, Your Partner

"We offer the best product at the best price with the best service."
– Jean-Pierre Boudreault, founder of Cadexair

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Patented Expertise, Innovation and Technology


At Cadexair, we have the ambition and expertise to successfully tackle the most challenging projects. Our ventilation systems are now installed in many Quebec institutions and correctional facilities, as well as in airports, hospitals, casinos, shopping mall food courts and restaurant and hotel chains.
Cadexair products meet the highest quality and engineering standards. Our control panels are CSA-certified, while our range hoods comply with UL and ULC standards.

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Engineering Support


Cadexair also stands out for our highly qualified engineering team, which is a leader in the industry.

Our expertise and experience in designing commercial kitchen ventilation projects allow us to offer solutions adapted to customers’ actual needs and realities.

Are you starting a material procurement or tender process? Do you need help understanding one of the industry’s many standards?

We’re here to help you from start to finish.


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Essential Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning Services


We offer maintenance programs adapted to different types of cooking, kitchen activities and applicable regulations.

Cadexair is proud to have been an IKECA member for over 10 years!

Cadexair serves large customers and customers with a high level of security.

Examples of Our Systems

Completely safe and fully compliant with professional standards


Accessible Training with Countless Possibilities

We offer training on current standards, design principles and available technologies that’s tailored to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about ventilation systems for professional and commercial kitchens. We’ll visit your location and help make your projects a reality.