Expertise and innovation for commercial hoods ventilation

Since 1986, CADEXAIR has specialized in commercial kitchen ventilation systems for penitentiaries, educational institutions, food courts, restaurant and hotel chains, and other establishments.

Your partner from design to maintenance of your ventilation system

Two divisions at your disposal

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Kitchen hoods

Cadexair selects and builds products according to the highest quality and engineering standards. We manufacture our kitchen hoods according to UL and ULC standards.

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Engineering Services

Cadexair stands out for the expertise of its team of highly qualified engineers who are part of the best in the industry. Expert in the design of commercial kitchen ventilation projects, our specialists propose solutions adapted to your realities and needs.


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Products and accessories

Cadexair also offers options and accessories related to commercial hoods to help you in the realization your project. These solutions are 100% customizable, depending on the type of operations under the hood, and will meet your requirements and the different standards in effect that regulate your installations.

Air Technology Based on Research and Experience

We manufacture the largest and most complex kitchen ventilation systems in the country.

How do we stay at the forefront of the industry? By never losing sight of our customers’ realities and leveraging our experience in the field to enhance our expertise. We’re constantly looking to improve our products and adapt our services based on feedback from our teams and customers.

The key is to keep learning from both our products and those of our competitors so that we can continue offering new solutions adapted to various issues.

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Your partner for the maintenance and the cleaning of your ventilation system.

A technical team specialized in maintenance

Inspections and preventive maintenance

Maintenance programs adapted to the type of cooking, kitchen activities and current regulations.

Cleaning the exhaust system

Cleaning of the grease that accumulates in commercial hood systems according to current standards.


Advanced technical support

In the event of a breakage, malfunction or system improvement, our engineers are at your disposal.

Examples of Our Systems

Completely safe and fully compliant with professional standards

Need an efficient commercial hood exhaust system?

Discuss your company’s needs with our team of engineers, technologists, and technicians specialized in maintenance.