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Your partner from design to maintenance

Air Technology Based on Research and Experience

We manufacture some of the largest and most complex systems in the country.

How do we always stay at the cutting edge?

We never loose track of what our customers need to contend with and keep strengthening our expertise through our field experience. We constantly seek to improve our products and adapt our services based on feedback from our teams and our customers. The key is to keep learning from our own products and those developed by our competitors, to offer new solutions adapted to different types of problems.

Cuisine commerciale avec hotte Cadexair


Discover why thousands of kitchen professionals trust us

Need an efficient commercial hood exhaust system?

At Cadexair, you are working with top-of-the-line commercial kitchen hood manufacturers. Our stainless-steel hoods have been awarded the highest certification available.

We are aware of the difference a properly installed, efficient kitchen hood can make when it comes to air quality and fire safety. That is why our air purification and fire protection systems can be integrated into our commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Discuss your company’s needs with our team of engineers and our specialized cleaning and maintenance technicians.