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D-Tech Variable-speed hood vents System

Follow the movement with an smart system

The advantage of controlling the exhaust and the air supply in advance based on actual cooking activity is that it allows substantial energy costs savings. These savings are directly ralated to heading of supply air during cold weather, air-conditioning during hot weather and energy consumption by the motors.

Optimizing the exhaust flow improves occupants’ comfort and reduces the noise level. Another benefit is that system allows modulation of air flow via heat detection. D-Tech radars Enhance the performance of the variable flow system when there is movement under the hood, and speed changes are anticipated by means of motion detection. This represents a major competitive advantage by giving the frequency modulation converter precious seconds to reach a higher exhaust output desired at the moment smoke emanates from the cooking units.

Our years of experience in commercial kitchen thought us that it is best to anticipate the arrival of smoke instead of measure its density with optical scanners inside the hood. What’s more, the system has several detection and modulation options and is 100% customizable, fast and economical.

Heat detection via temperature sensors and motion detection via D-Tech radars

Case studies

Hood plan

Plan of cooking equipment

Operation average : 69,2929721

Savings : 30.71%

Operation average : 66,748019

Savings : 33.25%

  • Estimated annual savings : 3893$

  • Amortization period: 1.46 years

      WARNING : Remember these variable parameters :

  • number of operating hours

  • Energy cost (electricity and gas prices)

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