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Standard Series

Economic certified hood

From 2500$

Simplicity working for performance

We are delighted to present our new STANDARD series of certified commercial hoods. This product has been specially developed for projects that need a fast, simple and efficient solution. Designed with care and precision, these hoods are available in a range of predetermined sizes: 4’, 6’, 8’ and 10’, and are in stock now, to make the purchasing and setup process easier.

Why is it less expensive:

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Standard kitchen hood.

Available model

ModelType / Size
H-1Island: 4’ (48’’ x 44’’ x 20’’)
Wall mounted: 4’ (48’’ x 47’’ x 20’’)
H-2Island: 6’ (72’’ x 44’’ x 20’’)
Wall mounted: 6’ (72’’ x 47’’ x 20’’)
H-3Island: 8’ (96’’ x 44’’ x 20’’)
Wall mounted: 8’ (96’’ x 47’’ x 20’’)
H-4Island: 10’ (120’’ x 44’’ x 20’’)
Wall mounted: 10’ (120’’ x 47’’ x 20’’)

Stainless steel baffle filter, customized factory welded joints, grease gutter, mounting brackets and light fixtures.

Available options

  • Side spacer
  • Insulation for combustible materials clearance
  • Stainless steel backsplash under the hood
  • Control panel
  • Fire protection system
  • Blower
  • Make-up air unit
  • Intelligent variable air volume system
  • Advanced filtration unit
  • Odor control

With these initiatives, we are making every effort to reduce manufacturing costs for this STANDARD series, enabling us to offer certified hoods in the most popular sizes at more affordable prices than ever before.

Our commitments reflect the quality of each of our products

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Simplicity at the heart of the design

Simplicity is the watchword for this commercial hood series. Our engineering and design team took into consideration every detail to offer you a functional hood at a very low price, without compromising performance.

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Compliance and certification

Whether for a restaurant, a community kitchen, a cafeteria, a production kitchen or any
other business that needs reliable commercial kitchen ventilation, our hoods ensure full compliance with standards.

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Complete inventory ready for dispatch

We understand the urgency of some projects and the importance of a quick delivery. This is why our Standard commercial hood series is in stock, ready to be shipped as soon as possible.

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Performance and efficiency

Advanced filtration systems guarantee optimal smoke and vapour extraction, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for your staff.

Simplicity and efficiency have never been so accessible!

Do not miss this opportunity to acquire a reliable, high-performance hood at a competitive price. Contact us today for more information on our products or to place your order.

Our team will be ready to help you design your commercial kitchen ventilation plans with customized solutions tailored to any type of project.

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Do not hesitate to call us to benefit from our expertise and guidance as we meet your needs!

Whether for a quote request, questions, or simply to discuss your needs, our teams are here to help you. For quality service that complies with ventilation standards, Cadexair is the solution.