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Training Packages

We are available to meet your needs for tailored training based on your role in the project.

Three Different Formats Available

All are eligible for Order of Professional Engineers and FCSI continuing education credits

Individual meeting

We can meet with you or your team to discuss commercial hoods and related matters, including:

  • Current standards
  • Design principles
  • Overview of technologies on the market

Lunch & Learn

If you don’t have much time and your schedule is packed, we enable you to combine business with pleasure by adapting our training so that it may be delivered during your lunch break.


We can meet with your team, your client or you to answer questions about industry standards and our products. We will inform you about the various options available to you and adapt the content to ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Scope of Training

We train firefighters, insurance companies, architects, environmental service providers, kitchen designers, FCSI members and mechanical engineering firms.

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Learn about the commercial kitchen ventilation system field and current standards