Ma Poule Mouillée Restaurant in Montreal

Following a fire at Ma Poule Mouillée, a Portuguese restaurant in Montreal, Cadexair was asked to propose an efficient commercial kitchen ventilation system in compliance with the applicable standards.

Cadexair introduced a system that was effective for charcoal cooking in terms of both safety and smoke elimination.

First, to mitigate the risks associated with charcoal cooking, the interior of Cadexair’s commercial hood was equipped with spraying mechanisms to protect the charcoal grill as well as the hood, degreasing section and exhaust duct. A water curtain operated with cold water was also installed inside high-performance Geo-Vary filters to prevent any cinders from entering the ducts where there is build-up of grease particles (which have a high risk of combustion). A Cadexair triple-action biotech self-cleaning device was also installed to minimize the accumulation of grease in the hood’s degreasing section.

To eliminate smoke, Cadexair proposed installing its certified honeycomb electrostatic technology system. This commercial kitchen exhaust air purification unit is the product of many years of experience, innovation and research. Cadexair’s system enables purification of over 99% of particles of 3 µm or more and 86% of particles between 0.3 and 1 µm in exhaust air from commercial kitchens, in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 52.2. Equipped with a dedicated fire protection system, the unit provides a robust, compliant, effective and safe solution for discharging air in vulnerable locations.

The use of filters that may be cleaned and reused offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional filtration units with disposable filters. This easy-to-maintain solution that meets the strictest municipal air quality standards in the world allows owners/users to enjoy peace of mind.

In conclusion, the city of Montreal’s environmental department, the fire department, the insurance company, the neighbours and the owner are all very happy as a result of the system introduced by Cadexair.

Thank you to the members of the Alvez family for putting their trust in Cadexair to help keep their loyal customers – and their taste buds – happy.



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