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CRS series compact hood

This commercial hood, monobloc and compact, responds wonderfully to the needs of small kitchens in restaurants, businesses, cafeterias, daycares or institutions. Easy to maintain, it has a revolutionary system of degreasing by centrifugation combined with an integrated fan with radial turbine. This patented technique, unique to CADEXAIR, ensures the most complete efficiency


Our range hood systems

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Our team of experts at your service

One of Cadexair’s strengths is its team of engineers and technicians. These professionals put all their expertise and experience in the development of complete ventilation systems for commercial kitchens. Nothing is left to chance and everything is perfectly adapted to your requirements and the configuration of your kitchen.


We intervene globally to ensure the high quality of the project

  • Advice in the choice of products
  • Custom design according to your budget
  • Preparation of product sheets
  • Establishment of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of each component
  • Project managementt
  • Start-up
  • Demonstration
  • Staff training
  • After sales service

Your system needs to be updated?

Cadexair has extensive experience in this kind of situation. We have carried out many technological upgrades and replacement of obsolete control systems. Our services include:

  • Replacement of electromechanical control
  • Addition of PLC
  • Addition of variable flow system (self-modulating
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