Make the Most of Your Space

Discover our Stadium series hoods.

We know that optimizing your resources is essential, especially in terms of costs and space. Cadexair's Stadium series combination hood meets these challenges through a true design breakthrough: condensing a huge air filtration unit into a hood just 30 inches high.



The CRS series is a compact, one-piece, space-saving commercial hood with an integrated fan and fire protection system.


Discover Cadexair’s All-New Electrostatic Kitchen Air Purification Technology!

With their patented cylindrical honeycomb structure, Cadexair’s units reduce smoke and particles by more than 90%. Safe and reliable, they will help ensure your installation complies with air particle emission regulations.


Our Range Hood Systems

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Our Team of Experts at Your Service

One of Cadexair’s strengths is our team of engineers and technicians. Drawing on all their expertise and experience, these professionals develop comprehensive ventilation systems for commercial kitchens. Leaving nothing to chance, they perfectly adapt everything to your requirements and kitchen configuration.


Handling All Aspects of Your Project to Ensure High Quality

  • Advising you on product selection
  • Custom design according to your budget
  • Creating product sheets
  • Determining what is required to ensure each component works properly
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Demonstration
  • Staff training
  • After-sales service

Does Your System Need to Be Updated?

Cadexair has extensive experience in this kind of situation. We have handled many technology upgrades and replacements of obsolete control systems. Our services include:

  • Replacing electromechanical controls
  • Adding PLCs
  • Adding variable flow systems (self-modulating)